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How do I order an eBook through Winc Schools?

You will find the eBooks your child requires listed on their Requirements List accessible through Winc Schools. To purchase these, along with your child’s other new year requirements, simply review and update the list and proceed to checkout.

We recommend that you provide your child’s school domain email address at the time of ordering however, this can also be supplied at a later date by clicking on the link within the order confirmation email.

Once you have purchased your child’s eBooks through Winc Schools, you will receive an order confirmation email outlining next steps within two business days. Included will also be a link to update your child’s school domain email address, as this is the email account that the eBooks are linked to. An email with instructions on how to activate your eBooks will follow within three business days of purchase if all required information has been provided.

Please note if a student’s school domain email was not provided at the time of ordering or updated via the link in the confirmation email, the order and activation email will be on hold until this is provided.